Neighborhood Book Groups

SURJ NEO Book Groups began in January 2017 as a non-judgmental place for people in all stages of racial analysis to grow and build relationships with other people near us who are also doing anti-racism work. We are aiming to keep challenging ourselves, holding each other accountable to SURJ values, encouraging each other, growing in our anti-racist perspectives, and ultimately kindling passion for organizing against racism. It takes a lot of hard work to consciously undo the harmful attitudes and knee-jerk reactions accumulated during a lifetime conditioned with subtle or overt prejudices and racism. White people have a tendency toward individualism which is prone to fractiousness and ego, but it is really valuable to join as a collective to develop a synergy that will accomplish far more than we can do on our own.

If you’d like to join a neighborhood book group please email with your name, location, and phone number and we’ll match you up with your closest group.

Fall 2017 Update: We are looking for new leaders to coordinate the SURJ NEO Book Groups. If this is something that interests you, please email We hope to revive SURJ NEO Book Groups ASAP!