Upcoming Events

After feedback and valuable criticism from our accountability partners and many other activists of color in Cleveland, we realized that we must make some changes in order to become a more accountable and effective anti-racist group. There is so much work for us to do, and planning monthly meetings has taken a huge amount of time and energy.

That’s why we’ve decided not to hold monthly meetings for (at least) June, July, and August 2017, and use the summer to firm up accountability, build a structure that works, and get clear on how monthly meetings serve our goal of showing up for People of Color-led groups and undermining white support for white supremacy.

But let’s be very clear — our pause of the monthly meetings does NOT mean SURJ NEO is taking a break.

Leadership will be meeting at least every two weeks, working groups will continue to plug away, and you will continue to hear from us regularly about ways you can show up for racial justice. We hope you’ll join us in using this summer to deepen anti-racist analysis and practices, both in our daily lives and in institutions/larger systems.

Look for a SURJ NEO open meeting in Fall 2017. Want to have a say in what these new meetings will look like? Tell us here. SURJ members brainstormed some ideas at the May 2017 meeting.

Here’s how to¬†get information about opportunities for education and action this summer: