Chapter Structure

One of our goals within SURJ-NEO is to encourage, assist and make room for others who want to take leadership roles in the monthly meetings, working groups, or strategic planning of the organization.

SURJ-NEO’s organizational structure is in flux as we discern the best way to divvy up work in an all-volunteer organization, “flatten” our decision making structures, and communicate effectively–both internally and externally. Here is a draft sketch of how things work, a la JuneĀ 2017. We’ll keep you posted as these structures evolve to better meet our needs and yours.

Leadership Team: (click to expand)

The Leadership Team came to be somewhat organically. Initially, it was simply the founding members who stuck with it and took the most initiative. As the meetings have grown from 10 to 50 to 100+, some of those founders have stepped down from that role, and some new and deeply committed members have stepped up. There are currently 11 people on the Leadership Team: April, Ben, Callie, Dave L, Dave S, Ellen, Emma, Erin, Malcolm, Peter, and Tim.

The expectations for the Leadership Team are, roughly…

  • Commitment to SURJ values and the shared values on how we want to be with each other
  • Commitment to racial justice, and to an ongoing process of self- and group study, learning, reflection, and self-awareness about racism and whiteness
  • Participation in Leadership Team meetings
  • Planning monthly meetings and Core retreats
  • Working with accountability partners
  • Being available for quick decision-making via phone, text or email
  • Engagement with one-on-one sessions and other strategies for keeping new members involved
  • Taking leadership, cultivating vision, building new skills
  • Taking on coordination work on an ongoing basis and following through

We do not currently have a highly formalized way of bringing people onto or off of the Leadership Team. We are working to create a more formal, accessible, and transparent process as soon as possible.


Working Groups: (click to expand)

In addition to attending monthly chapter meetings, many SURJ NEO members participate in focused working groups. These groups allow the chapter to work on dismantling white supremacy from a number of different angles. They allow us as individuals to engage in the work where we are most passionate and where we feel our particular skills are best put to use.

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